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WINUS S.r.l. was founded by operators with proven experience in the wine-making and cooling sector who perceived the need for a small, compact cooler for the control of fermentation and the stabilisation of high-quality wines in the growing international market of small and medium-sized wineries.

The standard-series production of the company's first cooler, the WINUS 5 model began in 1998. Following its development of many other models since then, WINUS now produces a vast range of coolers with cooling power that runs from 1.4 kW to 105 kW.

In 2002, the ITALCERT certification body issued PED certification, in this way ensuring both the standardised design and construction of cooling circuits and facilitating sales even in nations with more restrictive legislation. The company has now diversified its production with the introduction of tube-in-tube heat exchangers, cooled tanks, and other innovative accessories.


WINUS S.r.l. is registered by the national Register of the Ministry of the Environment with no. IR041665, and has been certified for the service of maintenance or repair of fixed refrigeration, air-conditioning and heat pump equipments containing certain fluorinated greenhouse gases.


WINUS is distinguished by the fact that it offers clients all the components required for the system and the technical drawings required for installation together with its coolers. The company is unique in the sector in terms of the assortment of its machinery thanks to standard-series production that ensures rapid delivery times even at the peak of the productive season.

Over the years, WINUS has succeeded in acquiring an international clientele with leading importers and distributors in the wine machinery sector.

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