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The term asparagus is used to identify both the whole plant and its shoots, that is the spears, the edible part which are commonly referred to as asparagus.
In forced farming the asparagus spear appears white in colour, whereas in an open field it takes on a green hue due to photosynthesis.

Asparagus is made up of over 90% water and therefore is considered to be a highly  perishable food.

Proper storage methods are very important, especially for white asparagus.

As soon as it is harvested in fact, the asparagus spears continue the growing process and exposure to direct light lends a purple hue to the tips and a less delicate, slightly bitter flavour. 

In order to avoid this problem, after pre-washing and packing into crates, it is necessary to immerge the asparagus into the WINUS heat-shock vat for around 30 minutes. During this time the temperature must be lowered uniformly for each asparagus.

The vat will ensure a water temperature between  +2°C e +0,5°C (which may be set manually according to the outside room temperature).
A stainless system of tubes and jet pumps, especially developed for moving icy water, ensures uniform cooling of all the asparagus.

The refrigerator is set so that the water temperature never falls below 0°C, in order to avoid damaging the product.

The vat used is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and equipped with steered wheels to ensure easy manoeuvring.

The pump with stainless steel impeller was chosen taking into consideration that soil and other impurities in the water inside the vat, may not be removed by the filter provided.

Safety and silent operation are the distinguishing features of the WINUS heat-shock vat. The blades of the fan, covered by a safety grille, have a special contour which makes them very efficient while maintaining a low noise level.

It may be equipped with a vat-cover sheet which may be rolled up and is suitable for contact with foodstuffs.

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