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WINBEER ® is a new  brand of WINUS S.r.l. which identifies a specific  line of  equipment for the production of the artisan beer.
After  boiling,  the product  need to  be cooled as quickly as possible; to do this it is used the brine  cooled water by our chiller, which is sent in cooling jackets,  in coils or  in  heat exchangers (plate or tube in tube) separated from the container of the product.
This minimizes the risk of contamination by bacteria or lactobacilli and  produces an adequate cold break.
This cold break  consists  in to coagulate complex protein-protein or protein-polyphenol and it is usually aided by the use of Irish Moss in the final stages of boiling.
The cold break on the  one side  provides  carbon structures used by the yeast for the synthesis of sterol, but on the other  side excessive levels can lead to high presence of esters and fusel alcohols and to encourage  the formation of cold or permanent opacity in the finished beer.
 it is necessary a reliable and accurate temperature control  which comes exactly  from the coolers of our line WINBEER ®
The range is completed by refrigerants reservoirs and conditioning work environments.

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